Free aviation backgrounds for your Zoom meeting!

Tired of boring backgrounds in Zoom? Download our backgrounds and add some joy of flight for your next meeting!

Simply right click on any of the backgrounds and ‘Save Image As…’


Click on your Zoom settings, and in ‘Virtual Background’, use the + button to ‘Add image’. Select the file you just saved, and you’re done!


Now all you have to do is choose your background!

Robin DR401

Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet

Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter

Van’s Aircraft RV-14

Piper M600

Diamond DA62

Jodel D140 Mousquetaire


  1. pretty kool images for doing just that…… the idea. Was thinking to myself just this afternoon, after a Zoom meeting what I’d really like is a slow moving background, like fish in a tank….but, not fish in a tank….just something slow and colorful. Got any ideas how to have a moving background? Just asking…..

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