Flying club or school? How to get back to normal

You’re a flying club or school that’s been out of action for the duration of the Coronavirus lockdown and now thinking about restarting operations. Well, the CAA has been thinking about you and has come up with  positive and sensible guidance.

It’s titled Preparing to Return to Normal Flying Operations for General Aviation Pilot Training Organisations (‘Flying Clubs and Schools’ and should be read with CAP1919, Safety advice and tips for pilots returning to GA flying post Covid-19

The guidance starts with a section on general health, well-being and PPE:

“Is everyone fit and well? Remember, the cockpit of a GA aircraft is a very close environment, the club house may not be a large area.

“Are staff, club members and any permitted passengers clear of any symptoms of Covid 19 or any other decrease in medical fitness that may adversely affect flight safety?

“If you choose to wear any PPE you must ensure that they do not create a flight safety hazard or inhibit safe operation of the aircraft in any way.”

The guidance then goes on to refer to EASA’s Coronavirus Guide for Disinfection of General Aviation Aircraft.

Then there’s detailed advice on these subjects:

  • The club house
  • Instructor & staff meetings
  • Flight programme
  • Self-fly hire pilots
  • The fleet
  • Pre-flight
  • Fuel
  • Documents
  • Airfield

Before finishing with a discussion on returning to the norm.

Download the CAA’s Preparing to Return to Normal Flying Operations document here.

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