Flying car crosses the Channel

French pilot Bruno Vezzoli has successfully flown across the English Channel in a flying car. It’s a Vaylon Pegasus buggy suspended beneath a paramotor-type parachute.

The flight was earlier today, accompanied by several paramotors, and was apparently the first flight test of the Pegasus. Up to departing at 0815, the flying car had been road-tested but not flown. Brave pilot!

The 50km flight was from the airfield of Ambleteuse (Pas de Calais), to Dover, England.

flying car
A relieved Bruno Vezzoli talks to press after flying across the Channel – on the buggy’s first flight!

Vaylon flying car“The launch took place at 8:15am with several paramotors who filmed the entire flight,” said Olivier Caufman, director of development at Grant Thornton Executive, a project partner.

“The flight was perfect, the weather was optimal. And after 50 minutes of very pleasant flight, we landed in a field in England.”