Flying Across Britain with Arthur Williams

Pilot Arthur Williams is back on Channel 4 TV on Sunday 5 August at 7pm with a new four-part series called Flying Across Britain.

Former Royal Marine Arthur was paralysed from the waist down in a car crash in 2007 but that hasn’t stopped him learning to fly and achieving his PPL – and now owns a very yellow 1943 Piper Cub.

Together, Arthur and the Cub set off on an aerial adventure – a grand exploration of Britain from the air.

As Arthur says, “When you’re a thousand feet up and the sun is shining, there are worse places to be.”

The trip is Arthur’s biggest challenge as a solo pilot. From the west coast of Scotland to the big skies of East Anglia, he’s tackling wind, mountains and the world’s busiest city airspace. A bespoke camera rig on his Cub captures his journey.

Arthur Williams
Arthur Williams and his 1943 Piper Cub.

Over four programmes broadcast through August, Arthur stops off at wartime airbases, stately homes and grass strips on remote islands.

In the first episode, Arthur covers the rolling hills, lush fields and open plains of Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Dorset and Somerset.

Some of the scenes from the series:

  • Spinning with a female aerobatic champion
  • Attempts a landing on a ‘dummy’ aircraft carrier at Henstridge
  • Tests the runway speed of an open-top Bentley
  • Visits a vintage fly-in
  • Sees the Cerne Abbas Giant from the air
  • Meets a Londoner who bought a Dorset airstrip
  • Meets a Cotswold craftsman who makes wooden propellers
  • Meets an ex-city trader developing an ‘Iron Man’ jet-powered suit.

More on the programme here


  1. ARTHUR WILLIAMS is a First class presenter with an equally first class subject matter in GA. I look forward to watching further episodes of this exciting series on light aviation Dr. JOHN McA.

  2. Best guy in the sky! Current holder of the ‘pink Vaseline award’ for clay pigeon shooting, the man is a legend in his own lifetime……

  3. What a fantastic programme ! Brilliant Sunday evening viewing. So interesting and informative. Such enthusiasm ! Never heard of the presenter , Arthur , before but I think we will be seeing a lot more of him.

  4. Many thanks for including us in tonight’s episode to the producer, director and all the team who put together Flying across Britain with Arthur Williams.
    The programme is great! So informative and very professionally put together.
    It was lovely to meet you all!!

  5. Well done Arthur what a fantastic achievement. As a PPL holder myself I know exactly what you have done particularly in inview of the injuries you suffered. I am sure like me you will never forget that magic moment when your instructor gets out of the aeroplane and you fly solo for the first time. It’s a day you never forget.

  6. Absolutely brilliant program!
    Please Channel 4 bring us more of Arthur he is a very welcome breath of fresh air on our screens.

  7. What a super series. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Whata nice guy Arthur is and his enthusiasm is infectious. I hope there’s going to be another series.

  8. The most enjoyable series, Arthur as a presenter is excellent, informative, fun, and so good to see how he enjoys flying, funny enough landing always seems to be a great acheivement !!!!!! Hope a second series is planned, Best wishes, Dave.

  9. I saw this excellent programme from New Zealand and would love to emulate his trip on my flight simulator. Where can I find the itinerary of the locations he flew into please.
    Kind regards

  10. Fabulous series. My Dad who is now 96, was with the RAF flying Lancasters, really enjoyed the episode from RAF airfields. Dad was the Flight Engineer, the W/0 who is also 96, still lives in Grimsby, not far from Waltham and Binbrook where they were based.
    Looking forward to more.
    Kind regards
    Hawkes Bay

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