FLYER’s Learn To Fly Guide 2020-2021

The new edition of FLYER‘s acclaimed annual Learn To Fly Guide is out now, free with the April 2020 edition of the magazine and available later through the FLYER shop.

It’s packed full of useful information for whatever type of flying you’d like to do: aeroplanes, helicopters, microlights, gyrocopters or gliders. The are suggestions on what to do with your PPL once you have it, plus essential advice for anyone thinking of taking up a career as a commercial pilot.

PLUS: the most up to date listing of UK flying clubs and schools, what courses they offer and what aircraft are on their fleet.

PLUS: Win £1,500 towards your PPL training and a Garmin Aera 660 portable navigator.

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learn to fly a helicopter

learn to fly a microlight

How to become an airline pilot career