FLYER Webinar – Operating on FAA Certificates in the UK

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FLYER Webinar - Operating on FAA Certificates in the UK
August 2021
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FLYER will be sitting down with Nigel Webb for a webinar on the recent CAA/DfT news regarding pilots in the UK operating on FAA certificates.

We’ll explain who it applies to (and who it doesn’t!), what it means, and what your options are. Join us from 7pm on Monday 16 August at 7pm BST.


  1. Hello. I’m only EASA PPL, with an N-reg SEP, and I got an FAA ‘piggy-back’ licence a couple of years ago because I wanted to fly to Jersey and France for family visits (before Covid struck). I also undertook a Biennial with an FAA instructor, which is now due again by end-SEP21. However, if I do not have the FAA review – and only undertake the UK/CAA biennial, (due FEB22) will I be able to fly to Jersey/Europe without the FAA review? Or, is my only sensible course of action to change the plane to G-reg?
    Thank you, Stephen

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