FLYER Summer 2020

The amazing recreation of the Mew Gull, an almost legendary aircraft that British pilot Alex Henshaw used to set a record flying from London to Cape Town and back – in 39 hours 25 minutes, averaging 109mph.

Builder David Beale tells Mark Hales how building the aircraft was a real challenge… and so’s flying it.

‘Turn Back Or Land Ahead?’ For most of us, there’s no question about what to do in event of an Engine Failure After Take-Off (EFATO). Land ahead, that’s what we’re taught. But David Joyce decided to investigate further…

82 peaks in the Alps would be a good flying adventure in a modern aircraft but in an under-powered classic Piper Cub? Yes, as it turns out.

Garmin’s GI 275 is a round all-purpose electronic instrument that can fit in a standard panel hole. In this month’s Top Gear we look at the installation and how well it works.

All this and much more in the Summer 2020 edition of FLYER.

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