FLYER Summer 2017

Cover story: Reborn Warrior and Ascend 172: remanufactured aircraft as good as new but at half the price

Reborn Warrior Flyer cover Summer 2017

With new aircraft costing several arms and multiple legs, there’s a market for remanufactured aircraft – taking popular types, stripping back to basics, making good, making better with new engines, avionics and interiors, and then making them available with great finance packages. That’s the UK’s Reborn Warrior and US’s Ascend 172.

Around Africa by Robinson R66 helicopterFlying solo around Africa by Robinson R66 helicopter

Aero Expo report Summer 2017Photo report from June’s Aero Expo show

SEHT headset Flyer summer 2017Review of SEHT’s surprisingly good low-cost ANR headset

Free landings Flyer summer 2017Save a handy £48 with FLYER’s exclusive free landing vouchers, in association with Pooleys

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