FLYER October 2021

In the October 2021 issue of FLYER

Take one fleet of aircraft that looked down and out, add one highly enthusiastic charity CEO, a large team of backers and a plan from the original manufacturer… The result? The Grob 109B Able – Aerobility’s inspiring project. Ian Seager flies the first one.

If you’ve ever thought about building your own aircraft, Ed Hicks suggests, maybe now is the time to start.

Steve Ayres looks at the importance of getting it right when it comes to unplanned transitions from Visual to Instrument Meteorological Conditions in this issue’s Accident Analysis.

In this month’s First Solo, Rob Mott reveals how he experienced a bird strike just before going solo.

Guil and Mary Barros spent 92 flight hours and 12,000 miles, flying through the Caribbean and South America… all of them in the RV-9A they built themselves. Read all about their travels in Flying Adventure.

In Top Gear, Steve Ayres installs and tests PowerFLARM Fusion.

Read the October 2021 issue of FLYER here

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