FLYER November 2018

FLYER hybrid aircraft
Mark Hales brings us up to date with insight into the potential uses of hybrid-electric power units in light aircraft.

LAA Rally 2018 report
This year’s LAA Rally was one of the best ever. Sunny days, huge turnout, surprises and a great selection of aircraft. Full photo report by Ed Hicks.

FLYER Top Gear

Got a duff Attitude Indicator or just like to replace it with something more modern? The Horis 80 from Kanardia is a great piece of kit. 

Flying Adventure Michael

Michel Gordillo flew around the world in a very special homebuilt Van’s RV-8. In the first of a two-part article, we take a look at Michel’s incredible preparation and his well-planned flight taking the Polar route.

FLYER free landings November 2018

EXCLUSIVE to FLYER! Six free landing vouchers for some of the nicest airfields around the UK: Castle Kennedy, Perth, St Athan, Strathaven, Sutton Bank and Yatesbury.

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