FLYER November 2016

The November 2016 edition of FLYER goes on sale from 6 October and it’s a stonking issue! Yes, some of the flying is extreme but it’s all stuff that you could do too…

low flying at crop duster boot camp
Ian Seager goes to crop-dusting school in Florida and flies the weirdest-looking biplane. Think low, then go lower…

flying in Alaska
After reading this wonderfully illustrated article about flying in Alaska, you will want to go there. Fly freely almost anywhere you want to go – just be aware of the weather and terrain.

Flying a tiny amphibious aircraft around the world
Michael Smith set off in his two-seat Searey amphibious aircraft to fly from Australia to London. Then, when he got there, he decided to keep going, across the Atlantic, the USA and then across the Pacific. It’s an incredible story.
November Flyer free landings
Just as incredible is the generosity of UK airfields to offer free landings to FLYER readers. This month save £51 with six free landing vouchers!

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