FLYER March 2018

Cover story this month is a flight test of the Great Lakes biplane, first produced in 1929 and still delighting aerobatic pilots today.FLYER March 2018 Great Lakes biplane

FLYER March 2018 Helicopter around the world
Flying a Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter VFR around the world is a heck of a challenge. Imagine the credit card bills for fuel stops, to start with! Peter Wilson reports on the second stage of his Three Journeys Round epic.

FLYER March 2018 Stampe
Which one’s the microlight? Peter Wolter flies a real Stampe and a nearly-real microlight version.

FLYER March 2018 DIY aircraftElectric-powered biplane built from parts found in a DIY store… and it flies!

FLYER March 2018 Garmin GFC 500 autopilotFirst Look at Garmin’s new inexpensive* GFC 500 autopilot.
*This is aviation so this a relative term, right?

FLYER March 2018 free landings
Free landing vouchers for March 2018: Andrewsfield, Bagby, Breighton, Holmbeck, Ince and Sutton Bank. Only in FLYER!

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