FLYER Livestream 4 November 2021

In this week’s Livestream

  • SkyDemon top tip from Rob:
  • The weekend forecast with Simon Keeling
  • This week’s special guest: Graham Mountford of Civil Air Support


  • There’s a new issue of FLYER: December 2021 issue. Click here to read it
  • Reboot of the spectacular Grumman Albatross by an Australian company
  • Pipistrel’s four-seat Panthera flies with a hybrid-electric power unit
  • The ongoing cock-up… er, saga, of the COP26 Notam
  • Pie Aeronef electric racing aircraft from Switzerland
  • University of Nottingham’s electric racer
  • Air One, the eVTOL for private pilots
  • Pilot Careers Live this Saturday
  • Zara’s in Russia!


Graham Mountford, operations manager for the Civil Air Support, talks about the work of the voluntary organisation and how anyone can get involved

Fantasy Hangar

It’s COP26 week so what aircraft would we choose to fly from Gloucester to Glasgow with the smallest carbon footprint (that’s still a bit of fun)

  • DC: Cosy MkIV
  • Ian: Issoire APM Simba
  • Jonny: Scaled Composites’ Catfish, or was it Catbird or Cat’s Whiskers?
  • Ed: Sling TSi

Plus: Events and FLYER Club news

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