FLYER Livestream 28 October 2021

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In this week’s Livestream

  • SkyDemon top tip from Tim: How to find your exact position relative to a waypoint such as a VRP
  • The weekend forecast with Simon Keeling had a slight (!) technical issue…
  • This week’s guest presenter: Paul Kiddell
  • This week’s special guest: Mark Greenfield of Ultimate High


  • There’s a new issue of FLYER: December 2021 issue. Click here to read it
  • The Sala court case: a conviction
  • Electronic Conspicuity task force to establish a spec for interoperable devices
  • Keevil TDA to become permanent for drones
  • Certain Cessna singles can now use unleaded fuel
  • New flying car: the Xpeng
  • Fenland Airfield for sale
  • Bodmin Airfield has a fire but aircraft saved
  • Where’s Zara?
  • Seal rescue with the Civil Air Support
  • Ian Seager meets Grant Shapps in London
  • Pilot Careers Live is on 6 November at the Sofitel, T5


Mark Greenfield, aka ‘Greeners’, is celebrating 20 years since he set up Ultimate High, offering specialist training, especially in UPRT, and flying thrills

Fantasy Hangar

Cessna is in the news so we have picked favourite Cessna aircraft from the past for our Fantasy Hangar:

  • DC: Cessna Golden Eagle 421C twin
  • Ian: Cessna 180
  • Paul: Cessna 310 twin
  • Ed: Cessna Airmaster
  • Winner: Disputed… probably Paul

Plus: the Cheesy Cessna Slogan Quiz!


Worldwide premiere of our latest video: flying the Pipistrel Velis Electro, the world’s first (and so far, only) certificated electric aircraft

Plus: Events and FLYER Club news

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