FLYER Livestream 25 November 2021

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In this week’s Livestream

  • SkyDemon top tip from Hannah: show levels
  • The weekend forecast with Simon Keeling – an Explosive Cyclogenesis is on the way!
  • This week’s special guest:  Rob Hughes and Roger Pattrick of the BMAA


  • There’s a new issue of FLYER: January 2022. Click here to read it
  • All-new Beechcraft Denali single-engine turboprop makes first flight
  • CAA forms: could be clearer
  • Rolls-Royce goes fast, very fast
  • Aerobility Aviators’ Ball auction: Darren Lewington aand Hamish Mitchell bid £350 each for Livestream place
  • Another Aerobility auction: this time for a very special Triumph Bonneville motorcycle
  • Where’s Zara? Still in Russia…
  • New FLYER website coming with single sign-in across all areas
  • James Richmond, founder of Cubcrafters, RIP


Rob Hughes, new CEO of the BMAA, and Roger Pattrick, Chief Technical Officer, answers a host of questions about the new 600kg microlight weight limit

Fantasy Hangar

The Beechcraft Denali has a brand new turboprop engine, the GE Catalyst, rather than use the time-honoured and ubiquitous Pratt & Whitney PT6. So we decided to look for turboprop aircraft that don’t use the PT6:

  • Jonny: Soloy Bonanza
  • Ian: Turbine Legend
  • Dave: Extra EA-500
  • Ed: TL Stream PBS100

Winner: Ian

Plus: Events and FLYER Club news

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