FLYER Livestream 21 October 2021

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In this week’s Livestream

  • SkyDemon top tip from Hannah: how to raise the level of declutter on the SkyDemon chart
  • The weekend forecast with Simon Keeling
  • This week’s special guest: Mandy Hickson


  • FLYER changes: Editor Ed Hicks becomes Editor-at-Large with a roving brief. Current News Editor Dave Calderwood becomes Editor.
  • Aircraft company Mooney advertised for sale
  • Luton Airport publishes a VFR transit guide
  • The Junkers A50 Junior replica as a 600kg microlight
  • The Jetson!
  • Where’s Zara?
  • New gang of four GA Ambassadors
  • Wanna fly an ICON? Head for Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base
  • Pilot Careers Live is on 6 November at the Sofitel, T5


Mandy Hickson, former RAF pilot flying Tornados, new GA Ambassador and author of An Officer. Not A Gentleman

Fantasy Hangar

Inspired by the news that Mooney is for sale, which aircraft company would you like to see brought back into business:

  • DC: Miles
  • Ian: Percival
  • Jonny: Spartan
  • Ed: Wing Derringer

Plus Events and FLYER Club news

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