FLYER Livestream 2 December 2021

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In this week’s Livestream

SkyDemon top tip from Rob Get rid of Notam (not all, just the irrelevant ones)
The weekend forecast with Simon Keeling
This week’s special guest  Richard Hodge aka @aircraftadventures


There’s a new issue of FLYER: January 2022. Click here to read it
Van’s Aircraft’s 11,000th flying RV
Expansion at Solent Airport for Britten Norman
Eshott’s response to wind damage across the North of England
Border Force update
New CAA Safety Sense leaflet on VFR Moving Maps
Renault 4 takes flight
Where’s Zara? About to leave Russia
Phil Dunnington RIP
CAA is recruiting
CAA (yes more) puts forward proposals on cost-sharing flights (spoiler alert: rant)


Richard Hodges is an aviation geek and a very knowledgeable one, running a highly successful Instagram account

Fantasy Hangar

Our favourite Van’s Aircraft RV:

Jonny RV-8
Ian RV-15 (even though we don’t know exactly what it’s going to be)
Dave RV-7
Ed RV-3
Winner Ed

Plus: Events and FLYER Club news

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