FLYER Livestream 11 November 2021

In this week’s Livestream

  • SkyDemon top tip from Hannah: locate landmarks
  • The weekend forecast with Simon Keeling
  • This week’s special guest: Dave Linney of The Great War Display Team


  • There’s a new issue of FLYER: December 2021 issue. Click here to read it
  • First ScaleWings Mustang kits delivered, a 70% replica
  • Zero carbon hybrogen-electric power for Scilly Isles Britten-Norman Islander flights
  • The CAA sends answers to FLYER questions
  • GASCo Chief Exec Mike O’Donaghue explains how they will be holding Safety Evenings over the winter
  • LAA’s Armstrong Isaacs sponsorship available
  • Aviators Ball online auction now live
  • France Air Expo – bigger and greener next year
  • Pilot Careers Live was fab!
  • Zara is crossing Russia… still
  • COP26 airspace extended 24 hours to include Sunday, 14th


Dave Linney talks about The Great War Display Team: how it started, the aircraft, the pilots, the ambition

Fantasy Hangar

Transatlantic flights resumed this week after being suspended for months because of theb pandemic so what airliner would we choose to fly across the pond?

  • Ed: Boeing Clipper
  • Ian: Boeing 747
  • Jonny: Vickers Super VC10
  • Dave: Concorde

Plus: Events and FLYER Club news

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