FLYER July 2020

The Vashon Ranger is a new all-American all-metal light sport aircraft that’s also low cost. We’re talking under $100,000 here and that’s with a Dynon glass cockpit. Dynon because the man behind the project is John Torode – the avionics man not the Masterchef host.

Low cost yes, but not low on flying fun. It was designed and engineered by the man who did the same for many Van’s kit aircraft, Ken Krueger, and we get to talk to him too.

One day we’ll look back on the Covid-19 pandemic and wonder at it all. But right now, General Aviation is playing its part where it can. With special dispensation, GA pilots have been flying essential supplies around the country.

Mission to Moldava… where? It’s here (open in new window) and that’s a blinkin’ long way in a little two-seat Eurostar microlight. But that’s what our man did, and here’s his story.

In Top Gear, we take a look at some of the options for fly-by-wire, computer wires that is. Sims, software, hardware and that sort of thing. Turns out it’s quite good fun, especially during lockdown when we’re not allowed to fly.

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