FLYER July 2019

The L model was a shift of style for Aeronca, produced for barely 24 months and in limited numbers, so survivors today are ultra-rare. Andrew King was asked to test fly one recently restored example.

It’s showtime! FLYER’s team head to Friedrichshafen for AERO 2019 and there’s nine-pages of all the highlights from Europe’s biggest and best GA show. When asked to help retrieve the sole Miles Mercury from Denmark, Mark Hales didn’t hesitate – it was a definite ‘yes’ from him… He tells the tale in Flying Adventure.

Certified auto-pilots used to be expensive purchases, but then Garmin introduced the  GFC 500 Digital Autopilot, and now it’s EASA certified. Ian Seager puts it to the test.


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Columns from Dave Hirschman, Mark Hales and Ian Seager.

Plus all the latest news.

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