FLYER January 2022 out now!

In the January 2022 issue of FLYER

Ian Seager flies the Silence Twister, a little single-seater that looks a lot like a mini Spitfire

Richard Vary reports on the trials, tribulations and ultimate triumph of building his award-winning Nieuport Baby SSDR biplane

Usually accidents happen when a number of factors align to cause them… when the holes in the Swiss cheese align. Eliminating the holes before getting airborne has to be the best approach, as Safety Editor Steve Ayres explores in Accident Analysis

Every time he lands, Rob Hughes still gets a sense of achievement and relief, as he explains in our First Solo interview…

For Paul Bass and his mate Darren Maybury, the perfect post-pandemic pick-me-up was heading over the sea to the Outer Hebrides and the Shetlands…

We put the Aerotion AS2 and PS2 headsets to the test in Top Gear…


  • Save a super £42 with FIVE FREE landings at Beverley, Cromer, Netherthorpe, Spanhoe and Strathaven
  • Great columns from Matt Dearden, Mark Hales and Ian Seager
  • Plus all the latest news

Read it here! 

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