FLYER/GASCo Safety Evening

On Monday 29 March at 7.30pm GASCo will be running an exclusive FLYER Safety Evening webinar for all FLYER Club members, FLYER readers and supporters.

In this webinar, we will take a look at a selection of topical safety issues drawn from recent accident and occurrence reports as well as covering some of the enduring causal factors in fatal accidents.

Our speakers and panellists will suggest offer advice on how the associated threats can be mitigated. The safety advice given will be general and applicable to all forms of GA.

The webinar will be hosted by Keith Thomas GASCo Regional Safety Officer (RSO) for East Anglia accompanied by fellow RSOs Nils Jamieson, John Steel, Michael Benson, Caroline Gough-Cooper, Geoff Connolly and Alec Trevett.

Gerry Humphreys, Chairman of the General Aviation Safety Council of Ireland is the guest speaker. Gerry is an expert on Upset Prevention and Recovery Training and will talk about Loss of Control In-flight.

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