FLYER Club June Landing Vouchers Now Live

It’s the start of a new month and that means more free landing vouchers! If you’re a Club member just log in using the links below to get hold of your free landing vouchers.

What are free landing vouchers?
If you’re yet to join, or have just signed up, we offer a number of free landing vouchers each month. These are negotiated with the kind participation of airfields around the country and we encourage Club members to visit them and support them in some way, for example eating in the cafe or buying fuel. Join the FLYER Club here to make use of this great benefit, plus lots more.

We’ve also started to publish short briefing videos which you can see on YouTube here.

Club Members: How to Access
1. Log into your FLYER Club account here.
2. Navigate to the Club homepage here.
3. Click on the June Landing Vouchers section.


  1. I don’t have a website! What’s this all about? I thought that I BC was a member, but this seems like chaos!

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