FLYER August 2020

In the August 2020 edition of FLYER – available now, free we celebrate the 65th anniversary of the first flight of the Cessna 172. As the world’s most produced aircraft, with over 45,000 built, the first example to roll off the production line is still flying today.

Ken Scott talks to the current owner about the remarkable restoration effort that has returned it to like new condition. Read it here

With restrictions lifting and hopefully some good weather, our Summer of (Flying) Love, feature asks what are your plans for a summer? We give you some of ours, plus some from friends of FLYER, to whet your appetite and get you going… Read it here

Matthew Monaghan didn’t let muscular dystrophy get in the way of becoming a private pilot, and tells us about learning to fly as the recipient of a scholarship from Flying Scholarships for the Disabled, in First Solo.

Working at the limits of your mental capacity can test a pilot’s ability, particularly when there’s added stress from a problem. FLYER’s new Flight Safety Editor Steve Ayres looks at a couple of accidents where two very different pilots had their capacity stretched. Read it here

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, Steve Carver and his team mates at Global Stars were on a mission to display at Wings India 2020. He takes you behind the scenes in Flying Adventure.

In Top Gear, Peter Steele takes a look at ways you can make in-cockpit videos of your flying, and not break the bank with expensive kit.


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– Great columns from Matt Dearden, Mark Hales and Ian Seager

– Plus all the latest news


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