Fly the ICON A5 at Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base

+VIDEO The ICON A5 amphibian is one of the most spectacular and fun new aircraft on the market but it’s a lot of money and currently only available in North America*. However, it’s now available to fly – and rent – from the famous Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base in Winter Haven, Florida.

Hundreds of UK pilots have visited Jack Brown’s base over the years, whether to train for a seaplane rating or just for the fun of flying off water.

Up ’til now, the regular aircraft available have been a choice of five Piper Cubs and one Super Cub – and they are still on the fleet.

The ICON A5, with its stylish looks and high tech engineering, is a true modern amphibian though, rather than a land aircraft fitted with floats. The A5 is designed from the outset to be a water-based aircraft.

The A5 is available at $300 (£217) an hour with an instructor. A full Single Engine (Sea) Rating (SES) costs $2,400 which includes ground school, 5 hours dual instruction, ICON A5 rental for checkride and the FAA Examiner fee.

Once the pilot has completed the SES rating and been checked out, the A5 will be available for rental.

*A fully certified ICON A5 for international sales is being developed by ICON. More here.

In the ICON-supplied video below, ICON’s Flight Training Network Manager travels to Jack Brown’s to conduct annual standardisation flights, which all company and partner pilots are required to complete annually to maintain currency and standardisation.

Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base

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