Fly-in, Thruxton

Name of event
Thruxton Fly-in
March 2017
Thruxton Aerodrome, Thruxton, United Kingdom
PPR Required?

Neil Richardson

Thruxton Aerodrome will be opening its runway(s) on 19 March 2017 for a fly-in.

Reduced landing fees as follows:

  • Single engine aircraft £6.00
  • Helicopters £6.00
  • Twin engine aircraft £12.00

If you purchase a minimum of 20 litres of fuel you will get a free landing fee.

The Jackaroo Café will be offering a reduced price on breakfast:

  • Standard breakfast (including a hot beverage) £5.50
  • Jackaroo breakfast (including a hot beverage)  £6.95

A & J Aviation will also be on site with their range of aviation books.

Please can you email me with the following:

  • Aircraft registration
  • Type
  • POB
  • ETA.

This is only for the numbers so that the café can cater for all the breakfast requirements.

The airfield looks forward to seeing you all and having a great day.

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