Fly-in, Thruxton

Name of event
Thruxton Fly-in
March 2018
Thruxton Aerodrome, Thruxton, United Kingdom
PPR Required?

Neil Richardson

Thruxton Aerodrome will be opening its runway(s) on 25 March 2018 for a fly-in.

The airfield is offering free landing fees to all visiting aircraft for this event.

The Jackaroo Café will be offering a reduced price on breakfast:

  • Standard breakfast (including a hot beverage) £5.50
  • Jackaroo breakfast (including a hot beverage)  £6.95

Please can you email me with the following:

  • Aircraft registration
  • Type
  • POB
  • ETA.

This is only for the numbers so that the café can cater for all the breakfast requirements.

Please also email the airfield for PPR.

The airfield looks forward to seeing you all and having a great day.


  1. Hi I’m coming on the 25th. Is there any charge for spotters in cars or not allowed at all. Also if short or if people won’t a break I am a air/ground controller.
    Yours Nigel

  2. Hi Nigel.

    All are welcome.

    No charge for spotters and the airfield will operate as usual.

    Neil Richardson

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