Flaris jet heads for Experimental first

The Flaris LAR 1 single-engine personal jet being developed in Poland is expected to go on sale in the Experimental category next year.

Metal-Maker, the engineering company behind the project, says it expects the obtain an airworthiness certificate in Poland’s special S1 category in 2022, allowing it to go oin sale locally and in countries, such as the USA, with an Experimental category.

Other countries will have to wait until the Flaris has obtained EASA CS 23 certification, targetted for 2024.

The latest set of flight tests of the Flaris were performed using aircraft serial no. 007 with a take-off mass of 1700kg, said the company.

“During the recent 30-hour long part of flight-testing, the aircraft’s static stability and manoeuvrability were examined at a true airspeed of 470km/h (250kt) TAS at an altitude of 3,050 metres (10,000ft) amsl.”

Test results:

  • Required length of the runway for take-off is 200 metres (650ft).
  • Rate of climb is equal to 1800 metres per minute (6,000ft/min).
  • Landing roll is 180 metres (600ft).
  • Fuel consumption is below 120 litres per flight-hour (33 gallons per flight-hour) at a true airspeed of 470km/h (250kt) TAS.

The Flaris LAR 1 is constructed mostly of pre-impregnated carbon fibre with wing spars, landing-gear struts, supports of control surfaces, etc, milled from aluminum. It’s powered by a Williams FJ33-5 turbofan.


Flaris LAR 1 jet
Garmin G600 avionics are fitted to the Flaris. Luxurious finish, below.

Flaris LAR 1 jet

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