First Pilatus jet hospital for Royal Flying Doctor

The Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service has taken delivery of its first Pilatus PC-24 twin-engine jet equipped with a medevac (medical evacuation) interior.

RFDS chose the PC-24 for its rough field ability (tested at Woodbridge, UK during last summer’s drought) after many years operating the single-engine turboprop PIlatus PC-12.

“The innovative aeromedical interior is the first of its kind in the world – a game changer for patient outcomes and improving health care to regional and remote Australians,” said Rebecca Tomkinson, CEO of RFDS.

Oscar J Schwenk, chairman of Pilatus added, “The PC-24 will become the emergency ward in the sky and will almost halve the time for long-haul critical patient scenarios.”

The PC-24 can accommodate medical equipment and beds for three patients with seats for two medical teams. It has a large cargo door and bespoke electric stretcher loading device.

The jet will start work early in 2019, with a second aircraft arriving late January, 2019.

Royal Flying Doctor Service
Pilatus Aircraft

Pilatus PC-24 medieval
The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia has fitted out the PC-24 as a flying hospital able to take three patients and two medical teams
Pilatus PC-24 medieval
An electrically operated lift takes stretchers on and off the PC-24 through its huge cargo door

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