Fairoaks faces revised threat from developers

Fairoaks Airport in Surrey continues to be under threat as the developers behind the Fairoaks Garden Village (FGVL) revise their plan in an attempt to get it approved by the local councils.

The campaign to save the airport, No Fairoaks New Town, said, “FGVL have resubmitted their bid to turn Fairoaks into a huge housing estate. If you got to hear of this week’s exhibition, and managed to find it at the airport, you’ll have seen that the changes are minor.

“We’ve commissioned our planning expert to review the application again, and will be posting advice here asap on how to respond: watch this space.

“The key problems – particularly roads/traffic and the fact that it’s Green Belt – remain, so it’s far from a done deal.”

A seperate team of developers, Unity Land, has put forward an alternative plan which would keep the airport and improve its facilities.

“We want to Keep Fairoaks Flying by investing in the acquisition and redevelopment of the airport and its operations into a world class and commercially successful General Aviation facility for the enjoyment and benefit of generations to come,” said Unity.

It has also been revealed that the FGVL team have no interest in building their garden village – they simply want to gain planning permission and then realise a huge profit by selling on the land.

There are three parties behind the Fairoaks garden village vision, two of which are the current landowners, who are based in the Channel Islands.

Jersey-registered company TEREF ADP Fairoaks Limited (TEREF ADP) and Guernsey-register developer Albemarle Fairoaks Airport Limited (AFAL) have formed a joint venture called Fairoaks Garden Village Limited (FGVL).

Surrey Heath Borough Council has a micro-site dealing with the Fairoaks Airport planning process here.

No Fairoaks New Town

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