FAA OK for Texas Colt light sport aircraft

Texas Aircraft has received full FAA ASTM (American Society for Testing and Standards) certification for its new Colt Light Sport Aircraft, and can now start deliveries of production aircraft.

“The entire Texas Aircraft team has worked very long and hard to achieve this single goal,” said Matheus Grande, co-founder of Texas Aircraft.

“The new-generation Colt delivers on everything that was promised when the LSA category was originally introduced – it’s easy to fly, easy to maintain and priced to make the dream of personal aircraft ownership a reality for a wide variety of pilots.”

The factory-built Colt Special Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) is produced by Texas Aircraft at its Hondo, Texas production facility.

Spec: Texas Colt
Engine 100hp Rotax 912 ULS
Propeller Sterna composite, three-blade
Max cruise 119kias
Cruise at 75% power 105kt
Stall speed clean 44kt
Stall speed full flaps 38kt
Takeoff distance (to clear 50ft obstacle) 1,085ft (331m)
Landing distance (ditto) 1,044ft (318 m)
Climb rate 800ft/min
Service ceiling 14,500ft

Texas Colt
Texas Colt is a fully equipped light sport aircraft
Texas Colt
Rotax 912 ULS engine being installed into the all-metal Texas Colt

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