Expired licence? Leinster makes an offer you cannot refuse

Our friends at Flying in Ireland have reported that Leinster Aero Club, based at Weston Airport near Dublin, has announced a special offer for pilots who have an expired Single Engine Piston (SEP) Rating and would like to get flying again.

The offer is priced at €895 (£800) and includes four hours of ground school and four hours of flying including the required Licence Proficiency Check (LPC) flight with an examiner.

The offer also includes landing fees, up to 10 touch and goes, and six months club membership.

The club’s training aircraft is a Robin HR 200 (pictured above) which is fully IFR equipped including a Garmin 430 navcomm. Leinster Aero Club is a Declared Training Organisation (DTO).

Leinster Aero Club

Any similar UK club offers?

FLYER would like to hear from any flying clubs or schools in the UK which has a similar offer to help pilots with an expired rating to get flying again. Contact us here


  1. Great idea, getting people back to flying is just as important as starting them off.
    Also need something like flying buddies / groups for shared days out, trips away, social meets to keep people interested once they have passed, as many just drop away after achieving PPL

  2. Many thanks to all who have expressed an interest in the Leinster Aero Club Offer however, please note:

    This offer only applies to pilots who are holders of EASA licences with expired SEP. If the EASA licence held by pilots is issued by states other than Ireland, their requests will be considered individually, as conducting their LPC’s would require obtaining approval from the authorities who issued their licences.

    Leinster Aero Club

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