European OK for Garmin’s GI 275 steam gauge replacement

Garmin’s GI 275 ‘round’ electronic flight instrument has received  European approval from EASA, meaning it can now be fitted to more than 1,000 single and multi engine aircraft.

Several variants of the GI 275 are available such as attitude indicator, attitude-direction indicator (ADI), course deviation indicator (CDI), horizontal situation indicator (HSI), multi-function display (MFD), and engine indication system (EIS).

In addition, the GI 275 can also be installed as a standby attitude indicator when paired with large format electronic flight displays.

“Garmin worked closely with EASA to bring the popular GI 275 to thousands more cockpits with aging flight instruments,” said Carl Wolf, vice president of aviation sales and marketing.

“With this approval, the modern GI 275 electronic flight instrument gives pilots the opportunity to take an economical and scalable approach to their avionics upgrade while realizing tremendous potential with the extraordinary capability of the versatile touchscreen GI 275.”

The GI 275 can take the place in a standard aircraft panel of common 3.125-inch diameter flight instruments, preserving the existing aircraft panel.

A dual concentric knob allows pilots to access a variety of key functions within the flight instrument, such as adjustments to the baro setting or the airspeed bug.

The GI 275 flight instrument is also approved for installation as a dedicated standby flight instrument to Garmin glass flight displays, such as the G500 TXI, and is capable of serving as a back-up to a variety of third-party flight displays on the market.


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