Eshott Airfield needs our help

Eshot Airfield needs our help with its planning application to extend its operating hours.

“A permission was gained through a lot of hard work to allow aircraft to fly to our fantastic little airfield 07:00-23:00,” said the airfield management.

“The airfields members are under attack from a variety of neighbours and there is a local campaign to stop this application.

“There were many reasons that we all wanted this application to go through – please take 10 minutes out of your day and support the airfield.

“I really hope that that you can manage to do this to show your views on the airfield. If you read read a few of the comments you will perhaps understand why your support it needed.”

The planning application is here



  1. I urge all readers to do this. Don’t be put off by the number of ‘documents’ the applicant’s statement is near the bottom and sets out their case clearly. At the top are some cogently clear supporting comments to guide.

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