EASA type certificate for GameBird GB1

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has type certified the GameBird GB1 two-seat aerobatic aircraft. The US FAA certification is expected to follow shortly.

The GB1 is the product of a design by Philipp Steinbach and Walmart heir Steuart Walton, an aerobatics enthusiast. It was developed at Wickenby Airfield in the UK, but will be manufactured at Bentonville, HQ of Walmart, in the USA.

The GB1 has an all-carbon fibre composite airframe with a maximum load of +/110g, and is powered by a 303hp Lycoming AE10-580 engine. Philipp says that the GB1 is not only an aerobatic aircraft but a capable tourer too, with a max range of 1,000nm.

Game Composites GameBird GB1
Vne 235kt
Cruise speed 75%, 5000ft 200kt
Stall speed, mtow 56kt
Range @75%, 5000ft. 200kt, 30 min reserve 1,850km/1,000nm
Empty weight 585kg
Max Takeoff Weight +/-10g 880kg
Max Takeoff Weight +/-6g 999kg
Full Fuel Useful Load 190kg
Load Factor +/-10 G
Wingspan 7.7m
Length 6.9m
Wing area 11.3sq m
Powerplant Lycoming AEIO580B1A, 303hp, 6-cyl
MTV14-190-130-1 four-blade prop

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