EASA announces cash prizes for GA Safety Award

EASA is giving away money! The shock announcement was made at AERO today during an update to EASA’s General Aviation (GA) Roadmap.

There are three cash prizes for three winners in the new EASA GA Safety Award. It’s a contest for awarding the most safety-beneficial smartphone/tablet application for use by GA pilots.

“The GA Safety Award aims to promote development of reliable tools to improve safety, encourage investment in this area, support and enhance visibility of valuable products, and further enhance the GA community’s engagement to safety,” said the agency.

The app must address one or more of the four major safety concerns identified in the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS):

  • Staying in control
  • Managing the flight
  • Preventing mid-air collisions
  • Coping with weather.

The prizes for the award are:

  1. 1st Prize:  €8,000
  2. 2nd Prize:  €5,000
  3. 3rd Prize:  €2,000.

As well as the Safety Award, EASA Certification Director Rachel Daeschler and her team presented the latest successes and defined the path for the EASA GA Roadmap 2.0:

  • Proposed rules for Flight Crew Licensing for balloons and sailplanes
  • Basic Instrument Rating which will make it easier for GA pilots to access Instrument Flying Rules (IFR) flying
  • Simpler, better and cheaper rules for aircraft maintenance by means of the improved Part-M Light rules for maintenance of light aircraft.

“EASA’s new Basic Regulation adopted last year allows for more flexibility,” continued the agency.

“Therefore, EASA proposes a revolutionary approach in the way we regulate that will lead to a completely new design and production process for light aircraft with Part-21 Light. This drastically simplified airworthiness system will be developed in cooperation with our stakeholders.”

European Aviation Safety Agency


  1. Yes I am basically in the “old fart” category these days but I am a tad uncomfortable with this and the use of phones and tablets on laps etc whilst flying and not looking out of the window and actually flying the aircraft and immersing oneself in very clever, complex, capable kit particularly when it does not do exactly as you want and possibly losing more time fiddling than you first guess. Phones while driving are banned for good reason and my last speed awareness course said you are 40% more likely to have an accident even when using hands free. It has a role to play but with caution?

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