EAA Spirit of Aviation Week

The US Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) will replace the live Airventure Oshkosh fly-in and airshow – the world’s largest aviation event – witha virtual EAA Spirit of Aviation Week from 21-25 July .

Like many other large events, this year’s Airventure Oshkosh had to be called off because of Coronavirus travel restrictions.

The EAA’s five-day virtual event will include streamed and on-demand content encompassing nearly every subset of aviation, with a focus on educational, informational, and entertaining content. EAA’s special interest groups will also be heavily involved, bringing highlights that include homebuilts, warbirds, vintage, aerobatics, ultralights, and much more.

“Nothing can replace the Oshkosh experience in-person during AirVenture week, as that event personifies the common passion we have for flight, in all its wonderful ways,” said Jack Pelton, CEO of the EAA.

“As unfortunate as it was that the cancellation of AirVenture 2020 took away that personal experience, countless people and groups have stepped forward to ask what they could do to virtually create something from Oshkosh that brings us together as aviators and aviation enthusiasts. We’re going to incorporate as many of them as possible during a full five-day event.”

Among the highlights already planned for EAA Spirit of Aviation Week are:

  • Presentations, forums, and discussions with notable leaders in aviation
  • Historical and archival content that highlights aviation legends
  • Homebuilding workshops, discussions, and educational tips
  • Content centered on pilot proficiency and learning to fly
  • A virtual exhibit space that showcases products, show specials, videos, and services available from the hundreds of AirVenture exhibitors.
  • Features from air show performers to military and space programs
  • Stories from those in EAA’s community through Hangar Flying segments

EAAtogether.org will be the exclusive home of the entire five-day event. The schedule is expected to launch in the coming weeks before the virtual opening day, under the theme and hashtag #EAAtogether.

“The people of EAA make The Spirit of Aviation and that’s what we’re celebrating these five days,” Pelton said. “All we’re missing are tents and campfire aroma, but perhaps that’s something you and your EAA chapter can add wherever you are with your local aviation family.”