Dynon receives STC for certified SkyView in Bonanza 35

Dynon’s certified SkyView HDX flightdeck is now STC and PMA approved for installation into the Beechcraft Bonanza 35 series.

The Bonanza approval covers Dynon’s full suite of avionics, including its three-axis autopilot with coupled approach capability.

“Pilots benefit from an uncluttered, elegant panel layout that reduces workload, is fun to fly behind, and enhances safety,” saids Dynon.

“A Dynon certified installation is typically 50 to 80 pounds lighter than the instruments it replaces and usually allows the removal of unreliable legacy equipment like the vacuum pump.”

The SkyView HDX system provides primary flight instrumentation, including synthetic vision and angle of attack, and engine monitoring with CHTs, EGTs, fuel flow, fuel computer, and lean assist.

Also approved is Dynon’s fully integrated three-axis autopilot, with yaw damper, which also has IFR approach capability when SkyView is integrated with a compatible navigator.

The approved installation includes radio, Mode S transponder with ADS-B Out, navigation and moving map, ADS-B traffic and weather display, and Electronic Flight Bag features. Back-up primary flight instruments are provided by a Dynon EFIS-D10A.

Dynon Certified

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