Drone TDA proposed to 2,500ft over Moreton

Temporary Danger Areas (TDAs) for drone tests are popping up all round the UK but mostly they have been at a relatively low level – until now. A TDA up to 2,500ft is being proposed around the disused airfield at Moreton-in-Marsh.

The Moreton TDA will sit in Class G airspace, 15nm north of Brize Norton and in a choke point for GA flying. Enstone Airfield is to the east, Wellesbourne north, with several airstrips and gliding sites nearby.

The proposed TDA is bigger than an ATZ, with a radius of 3nm and will be active from the surface to 2,500ft amsl.

The Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) is sponsored by Nexus Nine which tests counter-drone activities for the government and also trains drone pilots. Nexus Nine is based at the old airfield and wants to expand its current line-of-sight operations to Beyond Visual Line of Sights (BVLOS).

Nexus Nine drone

Nexus Nine says in its proposal, “This ACP application is for a TDA lasting up to 90 days centred on the disused airfield at Moreton-In-Marsh with a radius of 3nm.

“The proposal activates the airspace from the surface to 2500ft AMSL. Initial TDA activity is planned to commence from AIRAC 2112 (2 Dec 21) where it is anticipated that the impact on GA is minimised.

“The TDA will be activated by NOTAM via the NATS system, aiming to give at least a week’s notice of intended activity.

“Options for the provision of a Danger Area Activity Information Service (DAAIS) are currently being reviewed and the Sponsor would provide a mobile number for PPR co-ordinated activity within the TDA where it is practical.

“UAS operations would always immediately cease upon requests to enter the TDA by Emergency Services aircraft.

“It is anticipated that the TDA will only be utilised during weekday daylight hours in blocks of up to 3 days at a time. We will aim to conduct 2 ‘blocks’ of activity per month, totally approximately 18 days of activity during the 90-day TDA validity period. We would though, reserve the right to amend this plan.”

The Moreton-In-Marsh TDA proposal ACP-2021-029 is here.



  1. With this TDA active plus the parachuting Notam and/or new ATZ at Little Rissington, GA and recreational traffic will be forced into even smaller pinch points in this already congested airspace.

    The people who propose these things don’t really consider the knock on effect on everybody else.

    1. Firstly why not make the size the same as an ATZ to aid pilot SA. Two, what gives one company the right and authority to set up such a large block of airspace? What is wrong with the numerous other areas used by UAS testing? Why can’t this company move there instead of creating further choke points for GA in an already highly chocked area.

  2. Consultation closes 10 Oct!
    As usual we aren’t told until someone discovers the proposal, while the CAA send us pointless emails full of rubbish every day.
    They say they need to be here due to infrastructure, but at the same time ACP-2021-030 is for the same company to do the same thing at Radnor west of Shobdon. No height given on that one!! Perhaps a more appropriate area less busy but probably an important area for Shobdon particularly the gliders.
    Instead of a TDA the CAA need to enforce all these BVLOS drone operators to have an autonomous detect and avoid system fitted, like is required by the FAA in the US. Or do you trials in one of the permanent danger areas allocated for such purpose on Salisbury plain and Llanbedr.
    Their proposal of course forgets the Little Rissington ATZ thus creating even more of a bottleneck in a busy area.

  3. Similar has happened at Keevil airfield just north of Salisbury Plain DA. This was for the Army Watchkeeper UAS. Currently the Watchkeeper flying has stopped as they are in the process of another consultation process to make it a permanent DA. I live below the initial TDA and was confused and frustrated when we (surface residents) were not informed of the initial consultation. Not only will the Permanent DA drive GA around the north of the SPTA the noise and nuisance of the UAS really beggars belief. I am concerned that the CAA are not handling this whole UAS and airspace problem well.

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