Developers submit 1,000-home plan for Fairoaks

The developers behind the plan to turn Fairoaks Airport into a garden village with 1,000 houses have finally submitted their plans to the two local councils concerned.

The masterplan for Fairoaks Garden Village, as submitted, would build over the runway, taxiways and apron.

Fairoaks Garden Village
The developers’ masterplan for Fairoaks Garden Village would build over the runway.

The developers have produced a detailed package in the planning application (link below) including a report from consultants, York Aviation, which is relentlessly negative and downbeat about the current Airport.

“Given the split site ownership and the current financial position of FOL (Fairoaks Operations Ltd), the future of the Airport appears to be unsustainable under present circumstances,” says the York report.

“There are few further actions that could realistically be taken by FOL beyond what it is already doing that would significantly improve its financial position.”

Masterplan for Fairoaks Garden Village
Fairoaks Airport


  1. York Aviation should read their own Report on Blackpool…see next item
    +VIDEO General Aviation, not commercial air transport, is the future of Blackpool Airport, according to a new report by consultants York Aviation. The comprehensive report … Read more
    A viable alternative proposal has been put forward for retention of Fairoaks.

  2. Looks very pretty and very appealing on the face of it, doesn’t it ? I say let’s do it to all those little airfields that cause so much pollution, both visual, noise and exhaust gas as well. Then we can all look forward to spending much more time in our cars as the transport infrastructure collapses and the roads become more crowded, can’t we ?
    Lovely…….. even more noise, more polluting gases !
    I much prefer to fly somewhere in an hour and a half than spend about six hours driving, and that’s without considering the traffic jams !!
    Is there something here I’m missing ??

  3. How many more of these rapacious development proposals does GA have to endure? The contrast with attitudes in France, where communities value, and take pride in, their local aerodromes, and national government considers them strategic assets, could not be starker. The response of Stratford-on-Avon District Council to the proposal to re-develop Wellesbourne aerodrome for housing, driven by greed rather than need, should serve as a model for other planning authorities. Let’s hope that Surrey Heath Borough Council has the balls to follow suit.

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