Deadline extended for FAA PPL holders to convert

Holders of an FAA private pilot Airman’s Certificate living permanently in the UK have until 21 December this year to convert to a UK Part-FCL licence.

The original deadline of 20 June 2021 for the conversion has been extended because of delays caused by the Covid pandemic.

The UK CAA has issued an exemption to provide additional time for FAA Airman Certificate holders who permanently reside in the UK using the declaration process, to be able to convert to a UK Part-FCL licence by 21 December 2021 at the very latest.

Pilots making use of this exemption must make a declaration using form SRG2140. At the same time, they must also submit an application for verification of their FAA Airman Certificate using form SRG2142.

Pilots flying in the UK with an FAA certificate are reminded that flights must be within the United Kingdom and in day Visual Flight Rules (VFR), with no remuneration, instruction or examination allowed.


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