CubCrafters unleashes XCUB horsepower

No one would ever have said that CubCrafters’ XCUB lacks performance… but now it has even more, with a more powerful 215hp engine and new prop.

FAA certified in 2016, CubCrafters says the XCub is lighter, stronger, and faster than any aircraft in its category.

Dubbed the CC393i, the new lightweight fuel injected engine develops more than 215hp, but adds only 10lb to the aircraft’s empty weight. The engine was developed as part of a collaboration between CubCrafters and Lycoming and is exclusive to the XCub.

“The opportunity to work together with Lycoming to develop this new, high-power and lightweight engine for the XCub has been truly inspiring,” said Patrick Horgan, CubCrafters president.

Lycoming engine XCUB

A newly developed lightweight composite, three-bladed, constant speed propeller called the ‘Pathfinder’ from Hartzell is part of the updated firewall forward package for the XCub.

Key components of the new CC393i engine include new lightweight magnesium parts such as the accessory case, oil sump, and a new innovative lightweight magnesium cold air induction system. In addition, standard equipment includes fuel injection, a high-performance ignition system, a lightweight Sky-Tec starter, and lightweight alternator options.

To house the CC393i, a new larger cowling with better aerodynamics was designed. Cooling airflow for the engine is improved by a new lightweight composite baffling system, and a new exhaust system designed to increase power while providing more heat for the XCub cabin.


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