Coventry Airport: decision day is 11 January 2022

Coventry Airport’s future will be decided on 11 January 2022 at a special meeting being held by the planning committee of Warwick District Council.

The meeting was announced on Christmas Eve, just as businesses and individuals had started their Christmas breaks.

Outline planning permission is sought for the development of a large scale battery manufacturing facility, known as a ‘gigafactory’, including landscaping, car parking, access and associated works, according to the documents attached to the hearing.

The case officer for the plan is ‘recommending’ that Warwick District Council GRANT planning permission. The area that would be built on is mostly in WDC’s area.

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The sudden announcement – on Christmas Eve – has incensed some of the people objecting to the Airport’s closure.

One told FLYER, “We need the aviation community to look at the Planning Officers recommendation for approval and if they see Legal or Planning fault to object in writing via the Warwick District Council portal as soon as possible.

“Hitting us with this on Christmas Eve does not surprise us considering our dealings with the applicants to date.”

Members of the public can register for the planning meeting to attend remotely.

The meeting details and documents are here.

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  1. Has anybody approached Wellesbourne with a view to revitalising the aviation activity there?

    Just a thought.


  2. I have read the report. It seems to me that the strategic case for the development is not clear. If the project is so vital where is the weighing of national strategy and national interest leading to the identification of Bagington as the most appropriate, sustainable and immediately required site? Where is the long term sustainability weighing of reliance on battery driven road transport against other means of transport and its energy use? Without this context it seems that whether PP should be granted or not is left to local planning considerations and to economic priorities expressed at a similar level. These are perhaps shorter term and reactive rather than planned in the National Interest. Such decisions risk blight particularly where there are no identified and committed end users.
    National policies seem to be given little weight in this local consideration in the face of local economic desire/aspiration. That agenda seems to be growth, competition and opportunity driven – the characteristics of unsustainability that have brought the planet to the threat of extinction?
    – loss of, and harm to, the Green belt
    – the loss of ecology and habitats on site
    – over reliance on roads for movements/ lack of consideration of sustainable transport eg national rail.
    – the loss of an aviation asset, even if underused in the short term.
    are national considerations yet there has been no call in of the application to date?

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