Cornwall becomes ‘No Fly’ zone during G7 Summit

Most of Cornwall will be a no-fly area during the upcoming G7 Summit being held at Carbis Bay from 11-13 June, according to a just-released AIC.

Leaders from the Group of Seven countries, including Presidents Biden and Macron, will be attending. Security will be intense.

There are two periods of flight restrictions in AIC M 038/2021, available on the NATS AIS website.

The first is a 2nm radius of Carbis Bay (near St Ives) from 6-9 June, the second is almost county-wide from Surface to FL100 from 2259 on 9 June to 2259 on 13 June.

The AIC warns, “Unauthorised flight into this Restricted Airspace is FORBIDDEN. Deviation from the rules for entry will result in INTERCEPTION.” [Their caps]

G7 Summit


  1. What a bunch of idiots, take your summit elsewhere. St Marys is one of the few destinations GA could fly to but not now. I have to cancel my UK holiday !

  2. Definitely OTT. Sledgehammer to crack a nut.
    No reason a low level route down the A30 couldn’t have been allocated for light aircraft, clearances from NQY.
    What with the heavy handed COVID restrictions, this administration is definitely getting too bossy.
    Do you still want my vote, Boris ?
    Then back off and consider how often the weather allows us down this way anyway ! Perranporth and Lands End must be seething………

  3. gone onto flightrader24 this morning between 09.00 -10.15 Hrs .
    Shows commercial airlines within no go fly zone of Cornwall!

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