China certifies updated electric two-seater

Chinese manufacturer Liaoning Ruixiang has completed certification of its updated electric two-seat trainer, according to a local report.

The RX1E-A is a development of the original already-certifed RXIE, with increased power, weight and battery duration.

“Compared with RX1E, [the] RX1E-A’s electric motor power [is] output increased from 40kw to 50kw, MTOW from 500kg to 600kg, duration from 45min to max 120min, installed with whole airframe ballastic parachute. Both cruise at 110kph. Sale price to be slightly more than RX1E’s 150k USD,” said Xin Gou of Flying Pages.

The RX1E-A is manufactured by the Liaoning Ruixiang General Aviation Manufacture Company Limited of Shenyang, and first flew in November 2017.

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