Chiltern Park in bid to keep airfield open

The operator of Chiltern Park Aerodrome, near Wallingford in South Oxfordshire, has applied for Asset of Community Value (ACV) status in a bid to keep open the airfield.

Dennis and Julie Pearson, who have run the airfield for 32 years, have been given notice by the owner of the land to leave by the end of September.

Dennis said, “I am applying for Chiltern Park Aerodrome to become an ACV. This may help to protect the airfield into the future or at least the next five years.”

He is asking pilots and anyone who supports flying activities at the airfield to send an email to the local council department dealing with the application, and to copy in Dennis.

Please head your email with application reference: AoCVN\100018 Chiltern Park Aerodrome.

The relevant email addresses are:

Local council:

Dennis Pearson:

“You do not have to write an essay,” continued Dennis. “Just say that you support the application and or that you learned to skydive here, worked here or used our facilities or just visit to watch us.

“It would be a shame to lose this valuable community asset, especially after 32 years.”

Chiltern Park Aerodrome is the home of Chiltern Airsports Centre which caters for a range of aircraft including gyrocopters, microlights, helicopters and gliders. It’s also the weekend home of the London Parachute School.

The centre offers all nine air sports recognised by Sport England. About 30 people work there as self-employed contractors and visitor numbers range from about 5,000 to 8,000 a year.

The aerodrome also serves as a night-time training ground for the Thames Valley Police helicopter unit and the Thames Valley Air Ambulance, as well as an emergency landing and training centre for the Puma and Chinook squadrons based at RAF Benson.

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  1. I have never visited Chiltern airfield but living in Reading I have seen the results of Woodley aerodrome being closed and developed for housing with no trace of its existence apart from a few roads being named after aircraft. I used to work on Woodley aerodrome so I have experience of what it was like.

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