Despite ill-founded rumours that it would announce a new two-seat piston trainer, or perhaps a turboprop single, Cessna is to build a light twin biz/personal jet – the Mustang.

Cessna Chairman and CEO Russ Meyer said the Mustang will “fill an enormous void in the turbine aircraft market”, promising “more speed, range and altitude capability than currently offered by any single or multi-engine piston or turboprop aircraft”.

The twin-turbofan Mustang, for which the engine choice has yet to be announced, will have a cruise speed of 340kt, and a maximum operating altitude of 41,000ft. It will feature an all-glass cockpit that will include a flight management system and traffic and terrain warning systems. Its constant-section cabin will accommodate four passengers in a club configuration.

Cessna sees the Citation Mustang as an affordable upgrade for more than 12,000 individuals and companies currently operating operate cabin-class piston twins and turboprops. Its launch price is $2.295 million and Cessna took orders for nearly 200 Mustangs on the eve of the National Business Aircraft Association convention held in Orlando on September 10.

Cessna is currently celebrating its 75th anniversary and, since 1927, has produced 150 different models and delivered over 183,500 aircraft to one million customers. The company estimates that in 75 years Cessnas have travelled over 161 billion miles and carried four billion passengers.

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