New owner for New Piper

New Piper is under new ownership after a buyout and recapitalisation by American Capital Strategies Ltd, which now owns 94 percent of the company. American … Read more

Bombardier’s new engines

Bombardier is going head-to-head with Lycoming and Continental with the unveiling of its long-awaited ‘new era’ V6 GA piston engines. Its new V220 (220hp) and … Read more

North Weald

It has been rumoured for years, but with the publishing of the ‘Harlow Options Study, Draft Final Report’ developers have moved a step closer to … Read more

Southend frequency change

If you’re aviating in Essex, or more particularly near Southend there’s a frequency change due to take place later this week (On Thursday 10th July). … Read more

Branson’s gliding first

<img src=”/images/Branson3011sm.jpg” align=left hspace=3 vspace=3>Sir Richard Branson flew a replica of Sir George Cayley’s glider on Saturday (July 5) to commemorate the first manned flight … Read more

PFA Rally only days away

Preparations are well under way for the PFA Rally, set to take place this coming weekend at Kemble. Up to 2000 aircraft are expected to … Read more

Low flying rule change

The CAA is holding a second consultation on the proposed change to Rule 5 – low flying (nope, nothing to do with those Spaniards in … Read more

Microlights fly under bridge

Two Spanish microlight pilots have received a ‘severe warning’ for flying under Ballachulish Bridge, between Fort William and Glencoe. The pair were part of a … Read more