East Midlands Airspace Changes

The CAA has approved Nottingham East Midlands application for airspace changes to be introduced on 12 May. The new airspace layout will contain two new … Read more

Mode S correction

In the March 2005 issue we incorrectly attributed information about a Eurocontrol move to allow certain operators to delay retrofitting Mode S equipment to specific … Read more

Russia claims airship record

Russia is claiming a new world airship speed record of 50.03 km per hour for a single seat gas airship Au-11 of the BA-02 subclass … Read more

Flying For Fun

Invitations have gone out to over 2000 traders and manufacturers from the UK and Europe for Flying For Fun which is on course to be … Read more

Scottish seaplanes threatened

A formal 12 week consultation on a new byelaw for Loch Lomond under the National Parks (Scotland) Act 2000 to allow regulation of seaplane landings … Read more

CAA website relaunched

Visitors to the CAA website (<a href=”http://www.caa.co.uk” target=”_blank”>www.caa.co.uk</a>) will find that it has been redesigned. The redesign is partly in response to new disabilities guidelines, … Read more