SpaceShipOne makes history

SpaceShipOne, piloted by a 51-year-old former US navy test pilot Brian Binnie, has won the $10m Ansari X-Prize for the first non-government team to fly … Read more

Europa back in business

It has been a worrying several weeks for owners and builders of Europa aircraft but at last there is good news. The assets of Europa … Read more

British Aero Championships 2004

Sywell was the venue on the first weekend in September for the British Aerobatic Associations National Advanced and Unlimited Championships. The weather caused a delayed … Read more

Eurocharge deadline looms

VFR flying in the UK and Europe faces the threat of navigation charges under a draft EEC proposal. Eurocontrol has been empowered by the European … Read more


It looks like the UK is finally going to get its own version of the American UNICOM. After much debate on our very own Flyer … Read more