Low flying rule reform

The CAA could change the rules on low flying. It has just announced a two-stage consultation process on Rule 5 because it believes that a) … Read more

NOTAM site gets quicker

Downloading Notam off the AIS website (<a href=”http://www.ais.org.uk” target=”_blank”>www.ais.org.uk</a>) is finally becoming quicker after the software was upgraded yesterday. There’s still no change in the … Read more

Notam site latest

The CAA has called a meeting to try once and for all to sort out problems with Notam and the AIS website. Among those expected … Read more

PFA goes for Kemble

The PFA has this afternoon (Friday) confirmed to FLYER magazine that the 2003 PFA Rally will take place at Kemble on July 11, 12 and … Read more

Cirrus ’chute saves pilot

An American has become first pilot of a certified light aircraft to survive a mid-air incident by using an emergency ballistic recovery parachute. Lionel Morrison, … Read more

AIS website offline

If you are having trouble accessing the AIS website today (Friday) that’s because it has crashed. We are told that BAA cut the power to … Read more

Smugglers caught at Newcastle

Following the seizure of a PA-28 at Newcastle last month, Customs are warning owners and syndicate members about the possibility of their aircraft being used … Read more

TBM700 and Meridian get boost

Both Socata’s TBM700 and New Piper’s Meridian will benefit from increased max all-up weights. The TBM700 gains over 800lb of useful load, while the Meridian … Read more

Sheffield changes

A quick look at the NOTAM information for EGSY will show that from 15 September the NDB and ILS procedures have been suspended, and that … Read more